Behind The Mirror

Product Code: ED-92296SS
Tapered End Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Brushed stainless steel ‘behind the mirror’ paper towel dispenser.
  • Loaded through spring loaded flaps at the base.
  • Uses C fold or multi-fold interleaved paper hand towels.
  • Utilises the behind mirror cavity.

Product Code: ED-92022SS
Warm Air Dryer

  • Discreetly hidden within the ‘behind the mirror’ cavity.
  • Warm Air Dryer Automatic start/stop.
  • CE approved.
  • Suitable for high traffic locations.

Product Code: ED-92020SS
0.4 Litre Liquid
Soap Dispenser

  • Lever operated ‘Behind the Mirror’ 0.4ltr liquid soap dispenser.
  • Unique lockable slide open to access refill mechanism.
  • Fixed in line with base of cabinet Utilises the cavity behind the mirror.
  • Fixing kit included.