Cubicles & Washrooms

Flush44 Range

The Flush44 cubicle range is the genuine 'premium quality' system, offering a sleek flush fronted facade.

Flush30 Range

AT Excelsior we have designed the Flush 30 system to be the most affordable industry flush facade...

Planar Range

The Planar Range of cubicles allows us to offer two truly durable cubicle systems...

TLine Range

The T-Line cubicle range has been created to meet the most discerning specifiers’ requirements...

Senator Range

We offer fully framed, pre-hung washroom duct and wall panel systems with all face panels factory mounted.

Skyline Range

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system...

Hydroline Range

Hydroline Cubicles - The only choice for the serious leisure operator, cost effective, low maintenance...

Optik Range

The Optik Range Glass cubicle system can be specified for both Shower and WC purposes, offering an attractive...

Mariner Range

The Mariner range offers an extended life cycle under usage conditions, a heavy duty vandal and water resistant.

Select Range

The Select Range is a tried & tested cubicle system comprising high pressure laminate faced elements...

Option Range

The Option Range is one of Excelsior’s most popular and long standing cubicle systems...

Harlequin Range

Specifically designed with children in mind, the low level profiled curves to the doors and partitions enable...

Alaglide Range

The Alaglide® solution by Excelsior offers a space saving solution with maximum safety access.

Summit CDF Range

Our SUMMIT CDF cubicle range is produced using sustainable FSC certified panel materials...

Harlequin Peardrop Range

Specifically designed with children in mind, the low level profiled curves to the doors and partitions enable...




Cubicles & Washrooms

We have a broad experience in manufacturing and installing all types of cubicle and washroom.


Vanity Units

A range of fully framed vanity units providing our customers a selection of worktop surface finishes.


Wall & Duct Panelling

At Excelsior we offer fully framed, pre-hung washroom duct and wall panel systems.



We offer an extensive range of quality Lockers to satisfy all your changing area requirements.


Bench Seating

We offer a wide range of quality bench seating with timber or solid grade laminate slats.


Washroom Accessories

Excelsior sees washroom accessories as critical element of any successful washroom environment.


Washroom Cubicles Designed with Quality and Distinction

Our collection is designed to benefit the environment of various industries. Quality products, expert manufacturing and efficient cost place our bathroom cubicles at the top of the industry.

WC Cubicles to Meet Client Specifications

Excelsior values all of our clients and understands that each client has individual needs when ordering cubicles. We make every effort to ensure that the product is designed to meet the specifications of the order.

  • Superior Quality
  • Durability
  • Equipped for Heavy Use Environments


Professionally Installed Washroom Toilet Cubicles

The experience and commitment of the Excelsior team guarantees professional installation of all of our public toilet cubicles. We bring knowledge and skill to each task that enhances the client’s satisfaction with each installation.

Contact Us Today to learn more about our quality washroom cubicles. Our team is eager to assist you.


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