Joseph Leckie Academy

Case Study For Joseph Leckie Academy

Client Information:

Client: Joseph Leckie Academy
Contractor: Speller Metcalfe
Architect: Seymour Harris Architects
Location: Walsall
Completion Date: March 2016

Available Finishes:

These Systems Are Available In The Following Finishes:
High Pressure Laminate
High Gloss Laminate

Project Summary:

Joseph Leckie Academy £3.5 million modern new wing received Walsall Council’s planning committee approval in April 2015 and it has been full steam ahead since then. Speller Metcalfe awarded contractor and commenced building the state of the art 21 classroom block in May 2015.

Excelsior Planar 12mm Solid Grade Laminate has proven an excellent choice for the building, the flush frontage provides a seamless finish and the durability of solid grade laminate panels is perfect for a heavy use environment such as a school. Finished with a ‘P’ section headrail for maximum stability, eradicating any lateral movement provided the rigidity the system needs.

The overall aesthetics of the installation is extremely pleasing, the cubicles overall height @ 2100mm on a 50mm leg is a standard height system however having a bulkhead in place has increased the sense of privacy and delivered the opulence of a floor to ceiling finish. The 50mm leg is set back inside the cubicle, fixed onto the partition which enhances the seamless finish from the exterior and infers the system is floating.

Cubicles finished in Blanc Megeve with contrasting Gris Orage & Duct Panels in Blanc Megeve is a minimalist, unassuming finish however the Architect, Seymour Harris’s choice of egg yolk yellow on the walls changes what would have been minimalist into a vibrant, punchy, invigorating milieu.

Toilet Cubicles


Product Range: Planar 12mm Solid Grade Laminate Cubicle
Doors: B070 Blanc Megeve )
Pilaster: Gris Orage G059
Partition: Gris Orage G059
Ironmongery: Stainless Steel

Duct Panelling


Product Range: Mariner 12mm Solid Grade Laminate Duct Panels
Panels: B070 Blanc Megeve
Flash Gaps: B070 Blanc Megeve