Jump Nation

Case Study For Jump Nation.

Client Information:

Client: Jump Nation
Contractor: LCJ Contactors Ltd
Architect: Croft Goode Chartered Architects
Location: Birmingham
Completion Date: February 2016

Project Summary:

Excelsior T-Line range fitted the project brief perfectly offering a robust system with a modern and minimalist feel incorporating a powdercoated extruded satin anodised aluminium pilaster and headrail presenting a sleek & slimline façade.

The vibrant colour scheme for the doors, pilasters & partitions along with bespoke powdercoated ironmongery transpired to be the clients choice and working together through the colours spectrum a match in keeping with Jump Nations branding was decided upon.

Offering consistency, excellent service, quality products and strong working relations Excelsior look forward to supporting the team at Jump Nation with their planned progression to open trampoline parks across all major towns and cities in the UK.

Available Finishes:

These Systems Are Available In The Following Finishes:
Natural Wood Veneer
High Pressure Laminate
High Gloss Laminate

Toilet Cubicles


Product Range: T-Line 12mm Solid Grade Laminate
Doors: P112 Prune
Pilaster: SAA RAL 5012
Partition: P112 Prune
Ironmongery: SAA RAL 5012

Duct Panelling


Product Range: Mariner SGL Duct Panels
Panels: P112 Prune
Flash Gaps: 0717 Atlantic Blue

Vanity Units


Product Range: Mariner SGL Vanity Units
Panels: 0717 Atlantic Blue
Flash Gaps: P112 Prune
Vanity Top: P112 Prune