Toilet Paper Dispensers

Product Code: ED-83650CB
Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

  • Sleek and contemporary design.
  • Simple to wipe clean and finger paint resistant. Surface designed to make cleaning easier.
  • Viewing window helps the customer check paper levels.
  • Jumbo rolls are kept clean and dry, and free from contamination.
  • Tamper-proof, lockable cover.
  • Easy to fill and top up.

Product Code: ED-83710SS
MK4 Midi Jumbo

  • High grade brushed stainless steel.
  • Full back plate gives added strength and stability.
  • A surface mounted toiled tissue dispenser.
  • Ideal for exclusive washrooms located in offices, hotels, bars and restaurants.
  • Key locking mechanism, with slam lock

Product Code: ED-EXBB-2890
Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

  • Surface Mounted Single Jumbo-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser.
  • Stainless Steel with Satin Finish.
  • Door equipped with keyed lock.
  • Unit is designed for quick reloading as door swings down for loading dispenser.
  • Door contains slot to reveal toilet tissue supply inside cabinet.

Product Code: 4TJM-WB
Modular White Plastic
Jumbo Roll Holder

  • Brightwell Modular Medium White Plastic Jumbo Roll Holder.
  • For perforated and non-perforated paper.
  • Blue coloured viewing window.
  • Effortless restocking.

Product Code: 14.7086.02.200
Maxi Jumbo
Roll Holder (Large)

  • D Line Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll Holder.
  • Use of non-corrosive rust-resistant stainless steel appropriate for high humidity levels in the bathroom setting.