Barr Beacon School Toilet Cubicles

Case Study

Project Summary:

Refurbish and modernise the Science Block Classrooms.

This latest refurbishment forms part of ongoing upgrades at the school.

The Headteacher knows exactly what she is looking for and favours high end boutique hotel style washrooms.

Having worked on previous phases of washroom renovations in the past for the school, Excelsior proved to be the go to fabricator for this latest upgrade.

Barr Beaccon School

Client Information:

Barr Beacon School

Aldridge Walsall

Completion Date:
December 2015

The Challenge

Adapt Senator Cubicle Range to carry a screen-printed glass door ensuring appropriate hinges, indicator and keep are offered and suitable for use with the system.

Deliver an opulent system, generally not found in the education sector to surpass the student’s expectations.

The Solution

The idea of merging our ranges was conceived by understanding the client’s needs and the combination of our expertise in the washroom industry. The meeting with the client was conducted following excelsior’s approach, which comprises, active listening, clear and concise communication, and willingness to embrace innovative ideas

To bring to life Barr Beacon Academy’s vision, we installed a hybrid of our Senator and Optik range, complete with Extruded Aluminium Pilaster.

The project was completed to the clients' satisfaction, and the vision of an opulent boutique-style hotel feel has now become reality for workers and students at Barr Beacon Academy.

The headteacher commented that the high specification is well received by the students who treat the areas deference and pride.

Flush 44 Cubicle (Floor to Ceiling)


Product Range: Flush 44 HPL
Doors: Digital Print HPL
Pilaster: Digital Print HPL
Partition: High Digital Print HPL
Ironmongery: Stainless Steel

Select Duct Panelling (Full Height )


Product Range:Select 20mm HPL
Panels: 20mm Digital Print HPL
Flash Gaps: 20mm Digital Print HPL

Magma Solid Surface Vanity Unit


Product Range:Select HPL Vanity Unit
Panels: 20mm HPL, Formica F5374
Flash Gaps: 20mm HPL, Formica F5374
Vanity Top: 20mm HPL, Formica F5374

Available Finishes:

These Systems Are Available In The Following Finishes:

• Natural Wood Veneer
• High Pressure Laminate
• High Gloss Laminate

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