Environmental Policy

Statement of Environmental Policy

Excelsior Panelling Systems recognises its environmental responsibilities and although the environmental impact of our operations is low compared to other sectors of industry, we shall endeavour to reduce any such impact to a minimum.

Our Environmental Policy sets out ten main objectives, these are:

  1. To work with our suppliers and customers to promote the best possible environmental practice in the selection, use and distribution of products from our premises.
  2. Reducing our consumption of energy and using it wisely.
  3. We are committed to control waste through good working practices and will monitor levels and identify opportunities for minimisation, reuse or recycling of waste.
  4. Where hazardous wastes and effluents are concerned these will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner via bona-fide accredited agencies with recording systems for product traceable to source.
  5. Reducing or avoiding, where possible, pollution of air, land and water.
  6. Observing and where possible exceeding the standards set by relevant environmental legislation.
  7. Encouraging the development of good environmental practice by our employees at all levels of our organisation.
  8. We are committed to eliminating the use of hazardous products in our manufacturing processes and in consequence, their transference to others.
  9. We will only use, wherever possible, timber based products drawn from renewable and sustainable sources.
  10. Regularly reviewing our progress against the above strategic objectives, and adjusting our targets and actions in the light of such reviews.