Swimming pool and gym cubicles

Solid Grade Laminate washrooms that withstand high-use wet areas and areas of high humidity, such as gyms and swimming pool cubicles.

Leisure Centre and Sports Cubicles

Excelsior’s washrooms for leisure and sports sectors are hygienic, durable, and well-thought-out spaces that offer the privacy needed.

For municipal washrooms and changing facilities, Excelsior recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) – a water resistant material which offers extreme resistance to impact – perfect for high use, wet and humid environments.

Excelsior’s washrooms for the leisure sector are suitable for a range of environments, including:

  • Swimming pool cubicles
  • Gym shower cubicles and changing rooms
  • Spa and fitness
  • Football changing rooms
  • Golf course washrooms

Swimming Pool Cubicles

Our swimming pool cubicles are designed to be hygienic, private and practical, suitable for users of all ages. Utilising Solid Grade Laminate as a core material means Excelsior’s swimming pool cubicles are waterproof and easy to clean for a low maintenance and durable solution; additional facilities and accessories, such as swimming pool changing room benches and panelling, also chosen in consideration of this for a long lasting system.

When considering facilities for disabled staff and visitors, washrooms will also need to be fitted with grab rails and handles and ensure sufficient manoeuvrability for ambulant disabled users and wheelchair users.

We utilised Solid Grade Laminate to create durable and contemporary cubicles and changing areas for Dudley Leisure Centre, during Dudley Council’s multi-million-pound refurbishment project.

Gym Shower Cubicles and Changing Rooms

Moisture resistant environments for cubicle gym showers and changing rooms ensure the environment remains hygienic and safe over time for members. Private cubicles can be incorporated alongside communal areas, including locker rooms for the safe storage of belongings.

Excelsior’s washroom accessories, including warm air dryers, coat hooks and door stops, anti-peep channels and more, ensure gym showers and changing rooms remain consistent in both design and quality.

The refurbishment of Lord’s Cricket Ground gym cubicles saw Excelsior deliver a highly aesthetic finish across differing floors and areas, meeting multiple specifications for the gym cubicles of this iconic ground.

Other Leisure Sector Cubicles

Excelsior has an array of experience working alongside the leisure sector to deliver upon technical and design specifications.

Our leisure sector shower and toilet cubicles are engineered from:

  • High quality aluminium extensions
  • 12mm Compact Grade Laminate panels

Our washrooms are also available with complementary duct panels and vanity units, including solid surface countertops, troughs, stainless steel wash stations and a wide selection of accessories including benches and lockers.

Excelsior’s washrooms are always designed and manufactured bespoke for every project, and our team is happy to advise you on technical specifications where required.

Our Swimming Pool and Gym Cubicles

Excelsior’s recommended ranges for the leisure sector include:

HydroSQ2 Cubicle Range

The HydroSQ2 Cubicle Range is designed for high traffic, wet and humid environments - it is our most recommended range for leisure centres, swimming pools, and gym shower cubicles.

Not only is the HydroSQ2 Range cost-effective, with a long lifespan, and designed to meet the demands of the leisure sector, but it is unique in that it is a free standing cubicle. For complete space efficiency, this range can be used across all typical cubicle configuration layouts, including inline and island-type. It is complete with a full range of accessories, including lockers and benches, for a fully functioning space tailored for leisure centres.

HydroSQ2 Cubicle Range

Hydroline Range

The Hydroline Range is a cost-effective and low maintenance range, perfect for the leisure sector. The extremely robust Hydroline Range is manufactured from non-corrosive materials; this ensures it remains durable in both high use and wet environments, accounting for its long life span (in excess of 10 years).

Melamine Faced Chipboard Cubicles

Skyline Range

Excelsior’s Skyline Range provides total privacy with a full height system. The Skyline Range is suitable for individual cubicles which require floor to ceiling coverage.

Available in Solid Grade Laminate and High Pressure Laminate, this range is suitable for wet, humid, and dry environments alike.

Skyline cubicle range

Senator Range

A highly aesthetic washroom range, offering a touch of luxury for gyms, spas, golf course washrooms and more.

The Senator Range remains durable in wet and high humidity environments, however delivers striking visuals for stand-out washrooms.

Cubicles for Schools

Mariner Range

The water- and vandal-resistant Mariner Range is recommended for environments used by people of all ages, such as swimming pool cubicles and football changing rooms.

This is a standard height system manufactured from Compact Solid Grade Laminate for durability in harsh environments.

Mariner Cubicle Range: Toilet Provision in Schools

T-Line Range

The T-Line’s slimline appearance creates a minimalist feel for clean, contemporary spaces. The T-Line range is designed so that cubicle doors sit in the same plane, creating a slimline appearance, suitable for leisure, spas and fitness.

Available in both High Pressure Laminate and Solid Grade Laminate, the T-Line Range can be used in wet and humid environments alongside dry environments.


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The only choice for the serious leisure operator, cost effective, low maintenance, long life span (in excess of ten years) and above all good looks.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

The Senator range is a perfect solution where the client requires a ‘touch of class’ and is equally at home in all environments ranging from prestigious office developments, schools, colleges and leisure facilities.

The Mariner Range is ideal for harsh environments utilising vandal & water resistant Compact Solid Grade Laminate.

The T-Line cubicle range has been created to meet the most discerning specifiers’ requirements.

Featured Case Study

We provided the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Training Ground with changing rooms and a laundry unit.

Working alongside Three Pines Building Co., Excelsior undertook the refurbishment of Wolverhampton Wanderers’ player changing booths and matching laundry unit.

This refurbishment included integrating a high-level shelf, shoe box, seat, gables, pelmet, and hanging rail into individual player booths whilst meeting design standards in time for their new season.

Excelsior achieved the final look using High Pressure Laminate material for durability within the environment. 

See more of our leisure centre cubicles on our case studies page.

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