Office toilet cubicles

Whether budget or design driven, Excelsior are the experts in providing washrooms fit for your workspace.

Office Toilet Design Considerations

Excelsior’s office toilet cubicles take advantage of a range of materials and systems to ensure we can supply a suitable washroom for your workspace.

Your washroom contributes to employee comfort and satisfaction, and is a further reflection of your business for visitors, so it’s important that clean, private and fully compliant washrooms are accessible to all.

To determine the right office toilet cubicle for your workspace, consider whether you’re providing a wet or dry environment as this will affect the core material of your system. Also consider the desired height for your system – will you be providing a floor to ceiling system or a standard system? Finally, consider the frontage detail you’d prefer – rebated flush frontage, profiled pilaster, or doors sat behind the pilaster?

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Our Office Washroom Cubicles

Excelsior’s bespoke toilet cubicle systems are tailored to the needs of your workspace.

Office Toilet Cubicle Materials

Our recommended cubicle materials and panels for offices include:

  • Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). Suitable for dry environments with a low risk of vandalism.
  • Solid Grade Laminate (SGL). Suitable for high use, wet and harsh environments, SGL is impervious to water penetration with a high resistance to impact.
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL). A durable material offering water, scratch and impact resistance for office environments.

Cubicle Height

Our office toilet cubicles are available as standard or full height systems:

  • A full height system; with overall proprietary heights of 2050mm, 2100mm or 2700mm depending on the system. Provides complete privacy when a floor to ceiling option is chosen.
  • Standard height system; with overall proprietary height of 1960mm.

Our Office Toilet Cubicle Systems

All of Excelsior’s ranges of cubicles and vanity units are suitable for office toilet cubicles. However, some of our most popular commercial toilet cubicles for offices include:

Flush 30 Range

The Flush 30 Range is a cost-efficient flush façade cubicle. This range offers a seamless and contemporary feel for office spaces, either as a standard (1960mm) or full height system (up to 2700mm).

It is available in High Pressure Laminate for durability and quality, perfect as an office washroom solution.

Our WC Cubicle Systems & Ranges

Flush 44 Range

With the Flush 44 Range, premium quality is guaranteed. Utilising High Pressure Laminate or Natural Veneer surface finishes with hardwood edges to doors, this cubicle range pairs the flush façade design with high spec materials.

The Flush 44 Range is available in varying heights to meet your specification; 2100mm height or at the full, floor-to-ceiling height of 2700mm for your office bathroom.

Flush 44 Cubicle Range

T-Line Range

Create a slimline appearance with the T-Line Range, available in Melamine Faced Chipboard, High Pressure Laminate and Solid Grade Laminate with satin anodised aluminium pilasters and headrail. With the T-Line Range, cubicle doors sit in the same plane, for a minimalist, slick aesthetic.


Option Range

To meet all budget requirements, the Option Range is designed to provide versatility and durability for light to medium use in dry workplace washrooms.

This economical office bathroom cubicle utilises Melamine Faced Chipboard and stands at 2050mm, with the ability to upgrade to Option Plus – a High Pressure Laminate, postformed cubicle system of the same design.

Option Cubicle Range

Find Out More:

At Excelsior we have designed the Flush 30 system to be the affordable industry flush facade cubicle offer.

The Flush44 cubicle range is the genuine 'premium quality' system, offering a sleek flush fronted facade.

The Planar range of cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20mm or 12mm compact grade laminate.

The T-Line cubicle range has been created to meet the most discerning specifiers’ requirements.

The Option range is Excelsior’s most cost effective and long standing cubicle system, utilising 19mm Melamine Faced Chipboard and offering a price economy to suit all budgets yet still maintaining a strong visual presence.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

The Senator range is a perfect solution where the client requires a ‘touch of class’ and is equally at home in all environments ranging from prestigious office developments, schools, colleges and leisure facilities.

The Mariner Range is ideal for harsh environments utilising vandal & water resistant Compact Solid Grade Laminate.

The Select Range is a tried and tested cubicle system comprising of High Pressure Laminate faced components, incorporating Excelsior’s own Aluminium range of Ironmongery as standard.

Whilst the design of your washroom sets the right tone, it should also comply with the UK’s legal requirements for workplace facilities.

This means providing a sufficient number of toilets, urinals, and hand washing facilities for users, alongside the provision of hot and cold water, soap, hand drying facilities, and sanitary products for women.

Separate washroom facilities should be provided for men and women where possible and where this is not possible, individual locking unisex facilities should be provided. Disabled access to washroom facilities should also be provided.

Toilets should be well lit, well ventilated and easy to clean. When working with Excelsior, your washroom designs are always met, manufactured, and installed following your requirements.

Work Washroom: Featured Case Study

Excelsior’s work for Opus Energy Ltd showcases our ability to provide an office toilet design and cubicles which meet all project specifications.

This project required Excelsior to supply, deliver, and install office washrooms for Opus Energy following their relocation to new premises for their almost 800 strong Northampton workforce.

Working within tight project timescales, Excelsior provided a High Pressure Laminate system which complemented Opus Energy’s state-of-the-art facilities whilst adhering to budget requirements.

See more of our cubicles for offices on our case studies page.

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