The all-in-one, space-saving toilet cubicle system that puts quality and privacy at the centre of its design.

What are Superloos?

A Superloo is a washroom area that includes a toilet, hand wash basin and hand drying facilities within a self-contained, single-use system. Superloos can be used within all types of environments, including public and commercial settings.

Excelsior manufactures and instals bespoke Superloos for all sectors, working expertly to maximise the potential of your space.

What are the Benefits of a Superloo?

Superloos are becoming an increasingly popular solution for locations where space is limited. These self-contained systems meet standards for unisex use, removing the requirement to provide separate male and female facilities.

Superloos are also the pinnacle of user privacy, offering users a complete washroom solution within an individual facility. This maximises hygiene, with Superloos being a more sanitary alternative to a traditional washroom layout.

Excelsior’s custom approach to creating your Superloo ensures a stylish and high-quality finish to this washroom option, in line with your design expectations for the most appealing user environment.

When are Superloos Used?

Superloos are often used when commercial and public places must provide access to washrooms, but where space is at a premium, or users’ privacy is critical. This includes the retail, hospitality, office and leisure sectors.

Our Superloo Toilet Cubicles

Excelsior has several suitable ranges for our Superloo washrooms. This includes the Flush 44 and Flush 30, our go-to Ranges for these washroom types, available with a full range of accessories.

The Flush 30 Range is an affordable floor-to-ceiling system design. In applications where a row of multiple Superloos is being created, the Flush 30 Range provides a smooth and even frontage.

Full Height Toilet Cubicles

The Flush 44 Range offers an enhanced quality and feel to this full-height, flush-fronted design, which is a step up from the Flush 30 Range. The Flush 44 prioritises high-end materials to curate a luxurious Superloo system.

Flush 44 Cubicle Range

The Planar Range is one of our most stylish and elegant ranges, available in durable materials for continual performance and a look that lasts.


Find Out More:

At Excelsior we have designed the Flush 30 system to be the affordable industry flush facade cubicle offer.

The Flush44 cubicle range is the genuine 'premium quality' system, offering a sleek flush fronted facade.

The Planar range of cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20mm or 12mm compact grade laminate.

Superloos: Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know our Superloo range a little better with these Frequently Asked Questions.

Superloos: Featured Case Study

To discover our work for Superloos, take a look at our Three Snowhill case study.

Three Snowhill is a part of the Snowhill Plaza, created through Birmingham’s large redevelopment project. This impressive city centre office facility required commercial bathrooms to provide for users of the building.

Excelsior worked alongside construction and architectural teams to deliver a combination of WC cubicles and Superloos. Our Superloos were complete with Solid Surface vanities, hidden waste disposal and boxed out mirrored wall units housing paper towel dispensers for this project.

See more of our Superloos on our case studies page.

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