Full height toilet cubicles

When privacy is your priority, our full height toilet cubicle systems offer complete protection with a floor to ceiling design.

What Are Floor to Ceiling Toilet Cubicles?

Floor to ceiling toilet cubicles, also known as full height cubicles, do not feature a gap at the bottom or the top of the panelling, making the cubicle a full coverage system.

In applications where you’re seeking privacy for the user, our full height cubicles are the solution. They offer an anti-camera layout, preventing unwarranted peeping and offering users peace of mind as to their safety and concealment whilst in the cubicle.

Full height toilet cubicles are also chosen for gender-neutral and unisex facilities within commercial and public environments, since the cubicles are separated from one another by a full height toilet partitions.

They also increase hygiene by minimising the spread of germs and bacteria, and offer increased sound insulation compared to traditional washroom designs with raised leg pedestals and gaps.

Where are Floor to Ceiling Cubicles Used?

Whether for refurbishment or new build projects, full height cubicles are a popular design across many applications. Excelsior can provide floor to ceiling toilet cubicles for the following sectors, to name but a few:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • High-End Retail
  • Office and Education New Builds

Full height applications can fulfil guidelines for public and commercial washrooms such as the above. This includes in unisex applications, where the standards for user privacy can be achieved with a full height door.

Full height toilet cubicles can also help commercial and public places maximise on space, providing a sufficient number of facilities without needing the space for separate washrooms.

No matter your goals, Excelsior can work with you to provide a solution bespoke for your environment.


Our Full Height Toilet Cubicles

Excelsior’s full height cubicles are available in various materials across a number of ranges, making them work for you.

Materials for Floor to Ceiling Cubicles

Melamine-Faced Chipboard (MFC) is a budget-driven option for those looking to keep costs to a minimum. MFC is manufactured from melamine-coated decorative paper laid onto 19mm high-density chipboard. We recommend MFC for dry environments with a low risk of vandalism.

Our High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) material is suitable for more demanding environments, being heat, scratch and impact-resistant. HPL is manufactured from laminate bonded to chipboard or MDF substrate. Whilst it offers water resistance, it is not waterproof.

For those looking for complete imperviousness to water, Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) is our toughest material option. We recommend SGL for harsh environments, where it is extremely resistant to impact. SGL is available in 12mm sheet thickness.

Flush 30 Range

Available up to 2700 mm in overall height and 1500 mm deep, the Flush 30 range is perfect for full height toilet cubicles and ensures the system facade sits seamlessly.

The Flush 30 is an affordable option, manufactured in HPL material with aluminium ironmongery as standard.


Flush 44 Range

For premium applications, the Flush 44 range offers a luxurious feel whilst maintaining the flush fronted façade of the Flush ranges.

The Flush 44 is available in HPL and Natural Veneer with hardwood edges to doors for your full height toilet partitions.

Flush 44 Cubicle Range

Planar Range

The Planar Range is another flush fronted option for full height systems, available in SGL material for endurance in harsh environments.

For environments where a sleek and sophisticated feel is essential, the Planar range delivers complete aestheticism.

Commercial toilet cubicles

Skyline Range

A full height system, the Skyline range is designed to prioritise user privacy. Suitable for all types of commercial and public applications, the Skyline range is manufactured from HPL or SGL to meet your requirements.

Skyline cubicle range

Find Out More:

At Excelsior we have designed the Flush 30 system to be the affordable industry flush facade cubicle offer.

The Flush44 cubicle range is the genuine 'premium quality' system, offering a sleek flush fronted facade.

The Planar range of cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20mm or 12mm compact grade laminate.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

Featured Case Study

Excelsior provided full height toilet cubicles in the HPL Flush 30 range for Omicron’s washroom refurbishment.

The washrooms are a part of Omicron’s new build, modern facility to provide training courses for technical staff. Meaning it was essential that our products were in line with their new look, and could also provide the durability required.

Excelsior delivered on our client’s specifications, working alongside Space Invader architects as well as Pave Aways for construction, with the end result being a happy client.

Read more about the details of this floor to ceiling cubicle project here.

See more of our cubicles on our case studies page.

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