Healthcare & hospital cubicles and washrooms

High-performance healthcare and hospital cubicles and washrooms, providing increased accessibility, hygiene and privacy. 

Hospital Washroom Design Considerations  

Excelsior works with the healthcare sector to supply bespoke hospital cubicles and washrooms that are designed with the needs of the industry in mind. Our washrooms help patients and employees alike to feel cleansed and refreshed within hospitals, clinical surgeries and acute facilities.

This means ensuring cubicle hygiene, accessibility, durability and ease of maintenance are at the forefront of what we do to make washrooms as safe and as inviting as possible for users.

Cubicle Hygiene and Infection Control

80% of bacteria is transmitted by contact between hands and contaminated surfaces.

It’s therefore critical that washrooms and hospital cubicles are kept clean, especially in healthcare environments where bacteria and viruses are easily spread. Infection control is a priority when designing washrooms for the healthcare sector.


We build washrooms with accessibility in mind. To do so, Excelsior follows the regulations of the Equalities Act (2010), which provides the current guidelines for protection from discrimination in wider society. According to the Equalities Act, reasonable adjustments must be made to increase accessibility within buildings.

We are also compliant with Document M: Volume 2 – Buildings Other Than Dwellings and BS8300, which both provide guidance on inclusive and accessible building design.

The push for greater accessibility has also been aided by the 2021 fund for Changing Places Toilets, which provides the space and equipment needed for severely disabled people using cubicles in hospital.


Hospitals and clinics can be high-traffic areas, so ensuring washrooms are made to withstand this footfall is key to a durable environment.

Closing cubicles and washrooms prematurely for refurbishment is not only costly, but is disruptive to the environment. Therefore, Excelsior always manufactures and installs our quality washrooms with durability in mind.

Ease of Maintenance

All components within the washroom should be easy to clean and maintain in order to promote cleanliness and control any contamination within the healthcare environment. Antibacterial materials, plus smooth and easy-to-reach surfaces, make maintaining Excelsior’s washrooms a straightforward and speedy operation.

Our Hospital Cubicles

We have a number of suitable materials and washroom ranges for the healthcare sector, catering to all budgets, demographics, and project requirements.

Our High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) material are hospital-grade laminate - with built-in antibacterial protection. Eliminating 99.99% of bacteria within 24 hours and preventing the build-up of mould and mildew, these materials don’t just provide durability and water-resistance, but enhanced hygiene properties.

Complete ranges for healthcare hospital cubicle systems include, but are not limited to:

The Mariner Range

Manufactured using Solid Grade Laminate, Excelsior’s Mariner Range is one of our most water-resistant and durable systems.

Suitable for both children and adult washrooms, the Mariner Range is optimised for its environment.

Mariner Cubicle Range

The Senator Range

For clinics looking to stand out and offer users the ultimate luxurious experience, the Senator Range offers a clean and contemporary style to help user’s feel their best.

Cubicles for Schools

The Skyline Range

The Skyline Range provides complete privacy for users, with floor-to-ceiling systems, ensuring users can take a moment for themselves to freshen up.

The Skyline Range is also available with standard floor clearance.

Skyline cubicle range

The Planar Range

The Planar Range is a water-resistant, flush frontage, premium range suitable for both washrooms and toilet cubicle environments that are looking for a contemporary design that does not compromise on durability.

Excelsior’s ranges are all available with complementary duct panels and vanity units, as well as a varied selection of accessories.

For other suitable ranges for the healthcare sector and hospital cubicles, enquire with a member of the Excelsior team.

Commercial toilet cubicles

Find Out More:

The Senator range is a perfect solution where the client requires a ‘touch of class’ and is equally at home in all environments ranging from prestigious office developments, schools, colleges and leisure facilities.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

The Planar range of hospital cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20mm or 12mm compact grade laminate.

The T-Line cubicle range has been created to meet the most discerning specifiers’ requirements.

The Mariner Range is ideal for harsh environments utilising vandal & water resistant Compact Solid Grade Laminate.

The Select Range is a tried and tested cubicle system comprising of High Pressure Laminate faced components, incorporating Excelsior’s own Aluminium range of Ironmongery as standard.

Our IPS Duct Panelling Solutions

Excelsior also offers pre-hung duct panel solutions for targeted performance within the healthcare sector. These are suitable for standard and DDA room toilet hospital cubicles.

Our duct panels are available in antibacterial High-Pressure Laminate and Solid Grade Laminate with a wood frame as standard or an aluminium frame, suitable for both wet and dry areas.

Beyond toilet cubicles, we can provide medical wash stations and WHB panelling as either boxed out or recessed. Our boxed-out panelling hides surface-mounted services and is available with variable return end depths, whilst the recessed panelling sits flush within the wall aperture.

It is essential that healthcare washrooms are built in line with the latest regulations in order to promote safety, privacy and accessibility, as well as cost efficiency through preventing the spread of infection. 1 in 10 patients in UK hospitals acquire an infection, costing the NHS £1 billion per year.

Excelsior’s production and healthcare washroom installation processes are undertaken in adherence to the Department of Health’s Health Technical Memoranda, which provides guidance on healthcare-specific elements of standards and best practices. This includes healthcare washroom installation,  creation, and refurbishment. As part of this memoranda, HTM 64 outlines the requirements of sanitaryware, for example.

Similarly, Health Building Note 00-02 on designing sanitary spaces, including washrooms and WCs, can be regarded for design advice.

The British Standard 6465 offers advice on sanitary installations, including the selection, installation and maintenance of sanitaryware.

Document M: Volume 2 – Buildings Other Than Dwellings, as previously referenced, offers guidance on disabled washroom facilities and accessibility.

There are many legislative and official advisory notes that should be considered when designing, manufacturing and installing washrooms and hospital cubicles for the healthcare sector. Excelsior aligns with industry standards and regulations to provide quality hospital cubicles and washrooms for all users.

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