Children’s toilet cubicles

Excelsior’s washrooms for the Education sector provide durability and privacy within a bespoke design that meets your budget.

Different Cubicles for Schools

With many years of experience working alongside the Education sector for the provision of washrooms, Excelsior understands the requirements for children’s toilet cubicles across the entire school system. Our flexible washroom ranges are available in various design options to provide pupils with quality facilities whilst meeting industry requirements.

Find what you’re looking for below, with cubicles available for nursery, primary, secondary and higher education.

Nursery Toilet Cubicles

Create the perfect washroom environment to help young children learn about hygiene in a safe and accessible way with our cubicles for nurseries. Colourful prints and low-profile are popular designs for our nursery toilet cubicles; this allows for supervisory sight lines where necessary whilst encouraging pupils to become independent in their hygiene.

Our work for Perton First School demonstrates how vibrant designs can make toilet cubicles for pre-school and nurseries truly pop. The school chose our Peardrop nursery toilet cubicles; providing low level accessible doors and magnetic locks, perfect for a classroom environment.  Manufactured with young children in mind, it was finished in our Lolly Pop Digital Art Print and contains easily accessible doors for children whilst ensuring efficient dimensions for adult supervision.

To find out more about our solutions for preschool washrooms, check out our nursery cubicle ranges or contact us today.

Primary School Washrooms

As high-traffic areas, primary school toilets are designed to be durable and offer pupils the privacy they need at this age.

This is epitomised in Jubilee Wood Primary School, where the Excelsior team met safety and privacy objectives with a full height system, successfully creating an anti-bullying space within the open plan arrangement.

School Toilet Cubicles

As pupils progress through the education system, the requirement for washrooms to be durable whilst meeting design and size standards for the more mature user remains prevalent.

Our secondary school washrooms accommodate privacy, durability and cleanliness, with anti-bacterial materials often prioritised by our clients.

Joseph Leckie Academy was seeking a minimalist, seamless design for their new washroom. Excelsior delivered upon their expectations, creating a bespoke, high-spec wash station and a ‘floating’ cubicle system.

Our Children’s Cubicles

All of our children’s toilet cubicle solutions are complete with:

  • SBAA Fittings 
  • Ergonomic Sliding Locks 
  • Full U Channels at Wall Fixing Points for improved durability 
  • Bolt Through Fixings and Hinges 

Our ranges are also available with complimentary duct panels and vanity units, with a variety of colours available to maintain and complete your vision.

The Excelsior team is always happy to advise on the most suitable range for your application, in consideration of budget, environment, and other project requirements. Some of our Ranges suitable for use in the Education sector include, but are not limited to:

Cubicle Materials for Children

We offer a variety of materials suitable for the Education sector. Excelsior recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for children’s toilet cubicles, which provides the durability and strength required for high-traffic areas. However, this depends on the requirements of the application. We include a variety of toilet cubicle ranges, including...

Harlequin Mariner

Our Harlequin Mariner Product Range is available in Compact Solid Grade Laminate and is a stand-out choice for the Education sector, particularly primary schools.

The Harlequin Mariner is available in a range of colours and digital print designs and can be manufactured to low levels and standard heights, suitable for nurseries through to Key Stages 3 and 4.

Harlequin 1

Harlequin Peardrop

The Harlequin Peardrop Cubicle Range is available in High-Pressure Laminate as well as Solid Grade Laminate upon request.

The Peardrop Cubicle is designed with young children in mind, utilising low-level doors and partitions as well as floor clearance to facilitate easy supervision and ensure the environment is as inviting and as friendly as possible for users.

Harlequin Cubicle Range

Skyline Range

The Skyline Range is a full-height system offering complete privacy with floor-to-ceiling coverage, suitable for secondary schools.

The Skyline Range is available in both Compact Solid Grade Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate, meeting budget and durability requirements.

Skyline 1

Mariner Range

The Mariner Range is available in Compact Solid Grade Laminate and excels in harsh environments, offering increased resistance to vandalism and water.

The standard height Mariner Range provides the Education sector with a hard-wearing washroom system for peace of mind as to the durability of the space.

Mariner Cubicle Range: Toilet Provision in Schools

What Our Customers Think...

"I am very impressed with your after-care service and can vouch for the quality of the cubicles that still look as new after 5 years of six year old children putting them under test. Once again, thanks"

- Allan Gray, The Richard Clarke First School (Staffordshire)

Find Out More:

Excelsior’s flexible children’s cubicle range. Available in various design options to suit any budget for school and nursery environments.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

The Mariner Range is ideal for harsh environments utilising vandal & water-resistant Compact Solid Grade Laminate.

The T-Line cubicle range has been created to meet the most discerning specifiers’ requirements.

The Senator range is a perfect solution where the client requires a ‘touch of class’ and is equally at home in all environments ranging from prestigious office developments, schools, colleges and leisure facilities.

The Select Range is a tried and tested cubicle system comprising of High Pressure Laminate faced components, incorporating Excelsior’s own Aluminium range of Ironmongery as standard.

The Planar range of cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20 mm or 12 mm compact grade laminate.

Toilet Cubicle Provisions in School Washrooms

Excelsior always adheres to the latest industry guidelines regarding the provision and specification of cubicles for the Education sector; this includes information provided by the Department of Education.

When designing and manufacturing our children’s toilet cubicles, we do so in consideration of regulations such as:

Regulation states that areas containing the toilet and handwashing facilities must be adequately ventilated and well-lit; this helps prevent accidents from occurring and mould and mildew from accumulating.

Featured Case Study

Take a look at our work for the Yorkswood Primary School washroom in Solihull, Birmingham (UK).

This project was born from Solihull’s Regeneration Project, a part of which looks to improve all primary schools in the North Solihull Regeneration Area.

Excelsior was enlisted to create the washrooms for the new primary school, and the project required our team to create a vibrant, innovative space whilst adhering to budget constraints.

For this to be realised, Excelsior made full use of the core material throughout the scheme to ensure competitive pricing through optimal material yield. We made use of our varied material colour palette for a bright and fun visual to engage the young pupils.

For this project, Excelsior utilised our Harlequin Mariner Range in Solid Grade Laminate, alongside Mariner Duct Panelling for complete durability.

See more of our children's toilet cubicles on our case studies page.

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