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Granite is mined from 100% pure, natural stone.

Granite vanity tops:

The stone is quarried straight from the earth in the form of a large sheet or a single chunk. After which it is sliced into individual slabs and polished to give it a smooth plus shiny look before installation.

Granite has a rich, eye-catching beauty that very few tops offer. Granite can add to the aesthetic appeal of your washroom and make it look even more sophisticated. With many soothing shades (ranging from earth tones to greens), granite worktops give you the freedom to choose colours that perfectly blend with your interior.

Do keep in mind that since granite is not manufactured artificially, the granite slabs have their imperfections. If you want a slab that matches your decor to the tee, you’ll find it hard to find the right design. But if you are only concerned about the uniqueness of it, then granite’s imperfection becomes perfection.

Granite is an extremely hard substance, making it the perfect choice for durability. When you compare granite to quartz for durability, you won’t have to worry about scratches with a granite top.

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Excelsior have undertaken the manufacture, supply and installation of bespoke washroom products in all washroom environments since 1978. We have a wide selection of safe, attractive and reliable systems to suit all applications, from Nursery Schools right through to Leisure Centres and Hospitals.

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