Commercial shower cubicle enclosures

Practical and contemporary shower spaces that make maintaining hygiene and cleanliness easy.

Our Shower Cubicle Enclosures

Excelsior offers a variety of washroom ranges suitable for commercial shower enclosures across the UK. Our shower cubicles are all available with toilet cubicles, vanity units, wash stations and accessories, including lockers and benches of a complementary design.


Recommended Shower Cubicle Materials

Excelsior recommends our Solid Grade Laminate for shower cubicle enclosures. Solid Grade Laminate is impervious to water penetration and is extremely durable, making it a versatile material for shower cubicles across many environments.

The Mariner Range

The Mariner Range is manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate with semi-bright anodised aluminium as standard or stainless steel ironmongery. This water-resistant range is ideal for humid and harsh environments, such as sports and leisure centres.

Mariner Cubicle Range

The Skyline Range

A full-height system that prioritises privacy in washrooms, suitable for individual shower enclosures for offices and education. The Skyline Range’s floor-to-ceiling structure ensures complete user privacy, whilst offering the durability and design flexibility to meet all design visions.

Skyline cubicle range

The Planar Range

For those seeking a premium look, the Planar Range offers sophistication at the highest levels. Our Planar Range shower cubicles maintain efficiency even in humid environments, and can be found throughout gyms, leisure centres and more.


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The Mariner Range is ideal for harsh environments utilising vandal & water resistant Compact Solid Grade Laminate.

Meeting the demands of modern education and mixed use environments, Skyline is a floor to ceiling system providing the user with maximum privacy and comfort.

The Planar range of cubicles allows us to offer a sophisticated, premium and sleek rebated flush fronted facade in either 20mm or 12mm compact grade laminate.

Shower Cubicle Design Considerations

Excelsior’s shower cubicles and washrooms are designed for wet and humid environments without compromising on architectural flair. With commercial shower cubicles, we aim to deliver privacy and cleanliness with low maintenance and practical design for all users.

Suitable for gyms, sports and leisure centres, higher education, offices and more, Excelsior has a wealth of experience manufacturing and installing commercial shower cubicles for a range of design briefs.

Some considerations you may take when designing your commercial shower cubicle include:

All materials used within the design of commercial shower cubicles should be suitable for wet and humid environments. Water resistance and corrosion resistance across materials ensure materials don’t warp, deteriorate or delaminate.

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