Huntingtree Primary School

Case Study

Project Summary:

New building built under the Governments flagship Priority School Building Plan.

Demolition of KS1 accommodation and construction of replacement building.

Dudley council received a grant of more than £2.5 million from the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for the work.

Primary School Toilets

Client Information:

Huntingtree Primary School

A M Griffiths

Dudley MBC

Halesowen, Dudley

Completion Date:
January 2020

The Challenge

All works to being undertaken in a live working educational environment, which places additional demands on the need for the highest health and safety standards on site.

Modify vanity units to include for wall panelling to protect the painted walls from splashes from the sinks.

The Solution

Ensure Excelsior fitting teams have all necessary checks in place such a DBS for site works.

Soldi Grade Laminate used through the scheme. Harlequin cubicles with profiled doors and partitions are an industry favourite for KS1 student.

Wall panelling used above the wash basins to aid cleaning and maintenance and prolong the life of the wall finishings.

Harlequin Mariner Cubicles


Product Range: Harlequin Mariner SGL
Doors: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Polyrey, Pomme Verte, P092
Pilaster: 1960mm Overall Height including 150mm Floor Clearance
Partition: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Polyrey, Pomme Verte, P092
Ironmongery: SBAA

Mariner Duct Panelling


Product Range: Mariner Duct Panelling
Panels: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Polyrey, Pomme Verte, P092
Flash Gaps: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Polyrey, Gris Centré, G075
Sub-Frame: 18/36mm MR MDF Pre-Assembled Frame
Sole Plate: 25mm WBP Plywood

Vanity Wash Trough


Product Range: Accessories
Vanity Top: 12mm Laminated Compact Density Fibreboard, Polyrey, Gris Centré, G075
Access Panels: 12.5mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate, Polyrey, Pomme Verte, P092

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