Perton First School Cubicles

Case Study

Project Summary:

Perton First School has been open for over 40 years and the infant washroom facilities are in need of modernisation.

The school prides itself its family ethos and has seen generations of families come the doors.

Perton First School

Client Information:

Perton First School

G Evans


Perton, Wolverhampton

Completion Date:
Autumn 2019

The Challenge

Propose a system with children of nursery age in mind.

Consider the height of the doors & partitions.

Peardrop range is not supported by an overhead rail and the frontage is fixed at the floor and gable walls only.

Flooring substate needs to be at lease 60mm thick and stable to ensure a secure fixing point at the base of the foot.

Deliver a non-standard laminate to enhance the systems aesthetics.

The Solution

Excelsior, working alongside G Evans and Entrust, are excited to have installed our Harlequin Select Range at Perton First School. The school chose our Peardrop Range with low level accessible doors and magnetic locks, perfect for the classroom environment. The cubicles doors were finished in our vibrant Lolly Pop Digital Print & the area was surveyed to ensure suitable fixing points.

Harlequin Peardrop is the ideal system for children of nursery age, the system is self-supporting on an aluminium leg; the legs ability to perform is reliant of the strength of the floor substrate which in this case proved suitable, enabling the client to proceed with this infant friendly system.

The full system is professionally manufactured with children in mind providing easily accessible doors for children whilst ensuring efficient dimensions for adults to supervise.

Harlequin Select Cubicles


Product Range: Harlequin Select HPL
Doors: 18mm High Pressure Laminate, Lolly Pop Digital Print
Pilaster: Polyrey C018 Chardon
Partition: 18mm High Pressure Laminate, Polyrey C018 Chardon
Ironmongery: SBAA

Select Duct Panelling


Product Range:Select Duct Panelling
Panels: Laminated 18mm MR MDF, Polyrey C018 Chardon
Flash Gaps: 50mm MR Core HPL Bonded, Polyrey C018 Chardon
Sub-Frame: 18/36mm MR MDF
Sole Plate: 25mm WBP PLY

Vanity Wash Trough


Product Range: Accessories
Vanity Top:12mm Laminated Compact Density Fibreboard, Formica F2255 Polar White
Access Panels: 12mm Laminated Compact Density Fibreboard, Polyrey C018 Chardon
Flash Gaps:50mm MR Core HPL Bonded, Polyrey C018 Chardon
Sub Frame:18/36mm MR MDF
Sole Plate: 25mm WBP PLY

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