Yorkswood Primary School Bathroom

Case Study

Project Summary:

Yorkswood Primary School forms part of Solihull’s Regeneration Project, investing in the area through the creation of new schools, housing, parks, village centres, and local enterprise.

The £5.7m new school will replace the current outdated buildings as part of the £60m scheme in place to improve every single primary school in the North Solihull Regeneration Area benefitting the learning of over 4,000 children.

Yorkswood Primary

Client Information:

Yorkswood Primary School

Interclass Plc

Solihull Council


Completion Date:

The Challenge

The Architects vision for the washrooms was to create a vibrant, innovative space with multi coloured cubicles working in harmony throughout the colour pallet.

The challenge for us was to ensure full usage of the core material was utilized throughout the scheme to ensure optimal yield and competitive pricing.

Construction took place alongside the existing occupied school buildings, and therefore keeping the school operational and safeguarding the pupils and staff was an important factor for this project.

The Solution

Repeating the pallet throughout the washroom areas ensured as much of the core material as possible was utilised.

Harlequin Mariner & Harlequin Peardrop Cubicles and Duct panelling were used through the scheme.

Solid Grade Laminate is the perfect choice of material for the Education Sector offering extremely high levels of durability.

Harlequin Mariner Cubicles


Product Range: Harlequin Mariner
Doors: 20mm Laminate Faced Compact Density Fibreboard
Pilaster: 12mm Compact SGL, Polyrey Érable Nordique E028
Partition: 12mm Compact SGL, Polyrey Érable Nordique E028
Ironmongery: SBAA

Mariner Duct Panelling


Product Range: Mariner Duct Panelling
Panels: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate
Flash Gaps: 12mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate
Sub-Frame: Aluminium Frame
Sole Plate: 25mm WBP PLY

Peardrop Range


Product Range: Peardrop
Doors: 20mm Laminate Faced Compact Density Fibreboard
Pilaster: 12mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate
Partition: 12mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate
Ironmongery: SBAA

Available Finishes:

These Systems Are Available In The Following Finishes:
• High Pressure Laminate
• High Gloss Laminate

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