Main Considerations for Commercial Toilet Refurbishment


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    Refurbishing commercial toilets is necessary for the safety and hygiene of washroom facilities as well as the satisfaction and comfort of users.

    However, it is not always the easiest task. Our main considerations for commercial toilet refurbishment will help you to streamline the planning of your refurbishment project to meet time and budget restrictions, whilst achieving a practical and highly aesthetic design.

    Evaluating the Current Washroom Facilities

    A great place to start your washroom refurbishment project is with an evaluation of your existing washroom facilities. First impressions are important; what impression does your current facilities make?

    Broken or Damaged Amenities

    Damage to your washroom is solid grounds for refurbishment. Broken locks, running toilets, or leaking washbasins can cause greater damage and deteriorating conditions which are unsanitary and unsafe, as well as being time-consuming and expensive to repair and maintain.

    Current Use of Facilities

    Do the current toilet facilities meet the needs of those they aim to serve? It’s also important that your washroom facilities are built in consideration of the number of people using them; see our guidance for the number of toilets per person for more on this.

    Mould or Damaged Tiles and Surfaces

    Mould and other damage to tiles and surfaces create health hazards which should be immediately addressed. Signs of delamination, such as layers of material separating, stains, damp patches, and wall panels peeling away, is not only unsightly but can lead to detrimental water ingress and deterioration of washroom hardware.

    Commercial Washroom Regulation

    It is paramount that commercial washrooms follow the latest industry regulations; whilst it is recommended you always check official industry legislation, some commercial washroom regulations you should be aware of include…

    Lighting and Ventilation

    Sufficient lighting and ventilation are key to a sanitary and safe washroom environment. Commercial washrooms must have adequate lighting so users do not harm themselves, as well as plenty of ventilation to allow for the circulation of air. This ensures mould and mildew do not build up.

    Hand Washing Facilities

    Commercial washrooms must provide hand washing facilities, including access to hot and cold water, soap and drying facilities. Washbasins must also be sufficient enough so as to submerge both forearms whilst washing. Alongside this, the number of sinks must equal the number of toilets within the washroom.

    User Consideration

    When undertaking a commercial toilet refurbishment, you should always consider the user as this may dictate the regulations you follow. For instance, shopping centre toilets often serve a larger number of people compared to office washrooms. Therefore, shopping centre washrooms should be laid out in a way that prevents long queues and may need a greater number of toilets. Cubicles may also feature coat hooks to hang shopping bags and washrooms may contain baby changing facilities - something which is unlikely to be needed in a standard office environment.

    Washrooms should also be specified by gender, unless the washroom is a self-contained, individual unit which can be locked from the inside, offering privacy for any gender; an example of this would be a unisex superloo.


    Whilst considering the user, you should also consider accessibility. All users have the right to access a washroom; this means providing ambulant disabled and wheelchair accessible toilets. See our guidance regarding different types of toilet cubicles and toilet cubicle sizing specifications.

    Washroom Space and Design

    With the above regulations in mind, your washroom design should be fit for purpose whilst achieving unique design specifications.

    Excelsior provides a range of materials suitable for commercial washrooms, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on functionality or aestheticism:

    • Melamine Faced Chipboard – a cost-efficient material suitable for dry environments with a low risk of vandalism.
    • High Pressure Laminate – suitable for commercial environments such as offices and retail. Heat, scratch, and impact resistant.
    • Solid Grade Laminate – perfect for high traffic environments, like leisure centres, with increased water and impact resistance for the ultimate durability.

    Have you considered self-contained washrooms? If you’re capitalising on space, superloos can be a great cubicle solution. These all-in-one toilet cubicles feature a toilet, hand washbasin and hand drying facilities and are bespoke in design, so that the materials used and finish achieved meet your design requirements.

    Excelsior’s superloo range, including the Flush 44 and Flush 30 ranges, provide retail spaces, offices, and more with modern, durable and private washroom spaces.

    Commercial Bathroom Projects

    At Excelsior, we have 45 years of experience refurbishing washrooms for commercial environments, delivering high quality bespoke washroom solutions to a range of clientele.

    One of our recent commercial bathroom projects includes a large refurbishment project located in Birmingham Snowhill, as part of the impressive new development, Snowhill Plaza. This complex marks the largest speculative city centre office scheme outside of London.

    To meet the exacting demands of this extensive project, the Excelsior team worked alongside the BAM design team to provide washroom facilities for offices across the 32,000 sq. metre commercial space.

    We successfully achieved the client’s vision for high-spec cubicles and superloos, working within project timescales and in conjunction with other associated trades on-site to bring the manufacture and installation project to fruition. 

    Excelsior can help you breathe new life into your old washroom. Get in touch with our team today to discover the refurbishment options for your commercial washroom. 


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