Hospital Patient Bathroom Requirements: A Guide


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    Costly and a concern to health - healthcare associated infections (HAI) cause the NHS many millions of pounds each year and can have varying effects on those who contract them. However, it is thought that up to a third of HAI may be preventable.

    One way in which they can be prevented is through infrastructure. Hospital washrooms in particular can play a part in controlling the spread of HAI throughout healthcare facilities with the correct design and material usage.

    Here, Excelsior discusses key hospital patient bathroom requirements, with a focus on sanitary, accessible and durable spaces. We also touch on hand wash basins and their requirements.  As manufacturers and installers of bespoke washrooms for healthcare environments, including hospitals, Excelsior ensures compliance in the construction of washrooms for the safety of all users.

    Choosing Bacteria-Fighting Solutions

    Hospital washrooms are high-traffic areas where bacteria easily thrive, so choosing bacteria-fighting solutions is essential to the design of your bathroom.

    By using materials that are resistant to bacteria growth, such as antimicrobial surfaces and non-porous materials, hospitals can reduce the risk of HAI. Additionally, proper ventilation and airflow can help prevent the buildup of bacteria in the air.

    Easy-to-clean fixtures, such as touchless soap dispensers and automatic flush toilets, can be installed to minimise contact and further reduce the spread of bacteria. These features are also easier to clean on a frequent basis, in order to prevent contamination of surfaces.

    Creating an Accessible Washroom

    Another key consideration for hospital patient washrooms is accessibility.

    Enhancing the accessibility of facilities for individuals with disabilities is a key priority to ensure equal access to necessary amenities. In line with the Equality Act 2010, washrooms in public buildings, including UK hospitals, must provide equal access to toilets for disabled customers, visitors, and employees.

    While the act does not outline standards, it does allude to reasonable adjustments being made to allow for disabled access.

    Disabled washrooms should also adhere to Approved Document M, which sets out specific guidelines for accessible facilities. This includes the provision of disabled toilets alongside design considerations. For example, Approved Document M requires at least one wheelchair-accessible unisex toilet provided at each location in a building where standard washrooms are located for visitors, customers and/or employees.

    Our guide on toilet cubicle sizing outlines the minimum requirements for disabled toilet cubicles in detail. In summary, this includes:

    • Ambulant toilets should be a minimum of 800mm wide and 1500mm deep.
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilets should be a minimum of 1500mm wide and 2200mm deep.

    Furthermore, the 2021 push to increase changing place toilets aims to improve accessibility even further. These toilets integrate the equipment and facilities to care for severely disabled users and carers. In England, changing places toilets will be compulsory in new public buildings, and efforts are being made to increase their availability within NHS hospitals.

    The Durability of Your Facilities

    In both minor and major A&E departments, where tens of thousands of people visit every day, washrooms must be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and constant use.

    To ensure the durability of high-traffic washrooms, it's important to select materials that can withstand frequent use and cleaning practices. This includes materials resistant to impact, such as Solid Grade Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate.

    Healthcare and Hospital Cubicles

    At Excelsior, we work closely with the healthcare sector to provide high-quality, bespoke washrooms. Our bespoke solutions are driven by the requirements of healthcare facilities; Excelsior’s panelling systems, practical and accessible layouts, bacteria-fighting materials and more are all designed with the unique needs of the sector in mind.

    Our materials for the healthcare industry include Solid Grade Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate. SGL is impervious to water penetration and retains durability under impact; our HPL material additionally offers impact resistance, with water resistance also. Both of these materials are hospital-grade laminate, with built-in antibacterial properties – eliminating 99.99% of bacteria within 24 hours.

    Designed to not only help prevent the spread of HAI, but mould and mildew build-up also, our hospital-grade laminate provides quality of material over time.

    We have a number of washroom ranges that are designed to excel within the healthcare industry. Our ranges bring together the above elements for all budget types.

    Take a look at some of our washroom ranges below:

    The Mariner Range

    The Mariner Range offers durability with vandal- and water-resistance in harsh environments, making it suitable for general population use. The Mariner Range is available in Solid Grade Laminate, with anodised aluminium or stainless-steel ironmongery.

    Mariner Cubicle Range

    The Senator Range

    This range provides an enhanced aesthetic and feel to the washroom, often seen in private bathrooms and prestigious facilities. The Senator Range is available in Solid Grade Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate, with aluminium ironmongery.

    Cubicles for Schools

    The Skyline Range

    The Skyline Range is a full height system that promotes complete user privacy, suitable for mixed use within healthcare facilities. We can provide this range in Solid Grade Laminate or High-Pressure Laminate, with aluminium ironmongery.

    Skyline cubicle range

    The Planar Range

    Achieve a premium feel with the stunning Planar Range, suitable for private washrooms and prestigious facilities. This system is available in Solid Grade Laminate, and complete with aluminium ironmongery.

    Commercial toilet cubicles

    A Healthcare Duct Panelling Range

    Alongside these ranges, Excelsior offers a duct panelling healthcare range, which is suitable for standard and DDA-compliant room toilet cubicles, as well as hand basins and medical wash stations.

    Our duct panelling ensures pipework, cables and wastes are concealed, improving aesthetics and hygiene, as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning procedures. Duct panelling is available in antibacterial High-Pressure Laminate and Solid Grade Laminate for hospitals and the wider healthcare industry.


    Excelsior provides high quality washbasins and stations as a custom solution to your bespoke washroom.

    Our washbasins are suitable for use in general washrooms, clinical use, and more throughout healthcare facilities, encouraging hygiene and the reduction of HAI through hand washing.

    While incorporating washbasins, Excelsior adheres to the latest industry guidance regarding provisions and design considerations – including the Department of Health guidelines.

    Wash-Hand Basins

    It is necessary that hand wash basins are provided in washrooms. They should have smooth form, making surfaces safer for all users, as well as making it easier to keep clean.

    For wheelchair-accessible wash basins, make certain they are designed for maximum access and convenience, with a shallow profile and a generous 500mm projection for ample leg room underneath. This will ensure that individuals using wheelchairs can easily reach the basin and have enough space for their legs.

    Clinical Wash-Hand Basins

    Clinical hand wash basins are designed for use in clinical areas, helping to keep patients, visitors and staff safe.

    These clinical wash-hand systems are typically designed with integral back outlets and wall-mounted single lever action or sensor taps. They should prioritise accessibility and hygiene while in essential clinical spaces.

    According to guidelines, these basins do not require a plug, as they should be used for washing under running water. In addition, it is advised that they be connected to concealed services, for ease of maintenance and upkeep. 

    It is further recommended that taps used in clinical areas and areas where food preparation or laboratory work takes place should be hands-free, so that they can be operated without the need for physical contact.

    Fixing Height of Basins and Associated Fittings

    It’s important to adhere to both Approved Document M and BS 8300 guidelines when calculating fixing heights of basins and associated fittings.

    For a comfortable and accessible user experience, the recommended fixing height for clinical hand wash basins caters to both ambulant and wheelchair users. Approved Document M and BS 8300 suggest two heights for these basins.

    Ambulant and semi-ambulant users should have a fixing height between 780-800mm, while wheelchair and seated users should have a height between 680-700mm.

    To ensure ease of use, fixtures and fittings associated with ambulant basins should be located within a 750mm zone, symmetrically and horizontally from the centreline of the basin.

    The regulations stated here are not exhaustive, and we recommend consulting the Department of Health’s official requirements for healthcare washrooms for further information.

    Our Clinical Wash Hand Basin Range

    Excelsior’s range of hand wash basins, stations, wash troughs, and vanity units provide healthcare facilities with a large product range from which to meet budget requirements, desired aesthetics, and project specifications.

    Our vanity units and wash troughs are available in a number of styles and materials, from stainless steel wash troughs to solid surface units. Across this range, our basins are available as boxed out or recessed.

    Our vanity units include:

    Excelsior offers various pre-plumbed sanitary ware to meet a range of healthcare requirements, ensuring a streamlined installation service.

    For advice on your next healthcare washroom project, the experienced team at Excelsior is available to discuss your needs.

    Talk to us today for compliant, quality, and long-lasting washroom solutions.

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