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    If you’re incorporating a vanity unit into your commercial washroom, do you know which type of vanity will work best?

    Your vanity unit should balance the conservation of space, whilst providing a practical hand-washing solution and even housing storage.

    Excelsior offers a range of inspirations centred around vanity units in commercial washrooms to ensure your vanity unit meets all of your requirements.

    What is a Vanity Unit?

    A vanity unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that combines a basin with a base that encloses the plumbing and waste and can in some instances also be used as a cupboard, providing storage beneath the basin typically consisting of shelving or drawers.  

    Excelsior’s vanity units are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials; with our bespoke service, your vanity unit will be manufactured by our team in line with the specifications of your washroom. Whether you opt for a modern or traditional design, a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious, Excelsior is experienced in fabricating all of your washroom requirements, including all types of vanity units.

    Our vanity units are suitable for all settings, including but not limited to:

    As well as shopping centres and more. Discuss the right type of vanity unit for your commercial washroom by getting in touch with Excelsior today.

    Commercial Vanity Unit Ideas and Design Inspiration

    For design inspiration across all types of commercial applications, take a look at some of the most popular vanity styles and designs below.

    Our vanity units, including panelling and countertops, can be manufactured in a range of materials: laminate (High Pressure and Solid Grade), solid surface, quartz, granite, and stainless steel.

    Deciding your style and material is essential to the function and durability of your vanity unit; with Excelsior’s design inspiration, you’ll be able to match your washroom with the right vanity unit.

    Countertop Vanity Units for Optimal Storage

    The countertop vanity unit is one of the most popular styles, presenting a conventional and timeless look for general commercial applications.

    Offering a practical and more spacious countertop than other models, the countertop vanity unit incorporates a basin as either a sit-on or inset design on the worktop. Storage space is incorporated below the countertop, allowing you to maximise storage within your washroom while maintaining aesthetics for users and concealing any pipework. 

    The countertop vanity unit is suitable for larger bathrooms with room to install a full-size countertop. It offers an impressive focal point for the washroom, especially when paired with a highly aesthetic countertop material such as granite, quartz, or solid surface.

    Achieve a classic vanity aesthetic with the countertop model complete with individual basins, as seen here.

    Mariner B&K Chesterfield 031

    Solid Surface Countertop Units for an Aesthetic Feel

    Solid surface countertops comprise of resin and natural minerals; Excelsior’s solid surface material is formed of 33% resin and 66% natural minerals, providing a high quality and high specification finish.

    This man-made material can be created in several styles, with pigments and particulates incorporated to achieve effects such as marbling and speckling, as well as a number of colour options to make your countertop stand out or blend in as you desire.

    Solid surface is a popular material, being a cost-effective alternative to quartz and granite while offering a similar visual result. It is complete with a matte, soft finish. This non-porous material is further designed for durability in washrooms – providing moisture resistance.

    Elevate your solid surface countertop unit with contrasting colours and materials, as well as LED lighting, as seen here.

    Solid Surface Countertop Vanity Unit

    Semi-Recessed Vanity Unit

    This variation of the classic countertop unit features basins which overhang the edge of the worktop, as featured here, leaving the front section of the basin exposed.

    Perfect for washrooms where space is at a premium, this vanity unit allows for the countertop and storage depth to be reduced, while still providing a full-size handwashing station. Semi-recessed basins are furthermore accessible for users with mobility issues or children, allowing easier access to the basin.

    The effect of this design is sleek, ensuring you can meet aesthetics without compromising on space and functionality for all users.

    The semi-recessed vanity offers overhanging basins, providing ease of access and a modern design style.

    Semi Recessed Vanity Unit

    Cantilever Vanity Units for Diverse Applications

    If a full-length storage space beneath the basin is not a desirable feature or aesthetic for your washroom, the cantilever vanity unit offers something a little different.

    This style of vanity is known for its floating effect, achieved by attaching the vanity unit to a wall. While the cantilever vanity unit can incorporate an enclosed storage beneath the basin, it is often left without one.

    This makes the vanity unit accessible for wheelchair users, with free space underneath to get closer to the basin. Alongside this, the ability to install the unit at various heights ensures cantilever units are practical for all users.

    The floating effect further increases the floor space of your washroom, maximising the openness and spaciousness of the washroom.

    A clean and modern look is achieved for the cantilever vanity unit with inset basins featured here.

    Cantilever Vanity

    Wash Troughs to Elevate Your Bathroom Design

    Rather than individual basins, wash troughs are singular basins which stretch across the length of the vanity unit countertop, allowing for the installation of multiple taps along the trough. Enclosed storage space is further available beneath the wash trough.

    This design is especially useful for washrooms that cater to high volumes of users, such as schools and shopping centres, reducing any wait times for handwashing facilities.

    Wash troughs are available in both a solid surface material and stainless steel, for both aesthetic-driven and functional hand wash basins. Our stainless steel wash trough offers low maintenance and increased hygiene for applications prioritising this, while solid surface provides a touch of elegance.

    Wash troughs have the ability to elongate your vanity unit, as seen on this wash trough vanity.

    Solid Surface Wash Trough - Granite Vanity Tops

    Clinical Wash Hand Basins for Healthcare Environments

    For those operating within the healthcare or medical sector, stainless steel basins are typically utilised for vanity units. Stainless steel is easily cleaned and can withstand tough cleaning substances, increasing hygiene and sanitation within washrooms; this is essential for preventing cross-contamination within healthcare environments.

    With the clinical hand wash basin, the design remains functional and high quality and can be tailored to your requirements.

    This clinical vanity features a wash trough in stainless steel with panelled storage units above.

    Stainless Steel Wash Trough

    Vanity Tops for Every Look

    Durability against impact and wear-and-tear, water resistance, as well as aesthetics are some of the main properties to look for in your countertop material.

    This material may differ from that used for the storage beneath the basin, allowing you to mix and match based on preference and material performance.

    Excelsior works with a range of materials, including:

    • Quartz. An engineered stone made up of 90% natural quartz, perfect for a luxurious look and feel, without increased maintenance requirements.
    • Granite. A natural stone, mined from 100% pure granite. Whilst requiring more maintenance, the performance and durability of granite excels in countertop applications.
    • Solid Surface. A manufactured material made from resin and natural minerals which delivers aesthetics and high quality.
    • Laminate. With two laminate materials available, there’s an option to meet your budget and performance preferences. Excelsior offers both High-Pressure laminate for heat, scratch and impact resistance and Solid Grade Laminate, which is impervious to water and extremely resistant to impact.

    For more on our materials, get in contact with Excelsior and talk to an experienced member of our team.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vanity Unit

    When choosing a design that works for you, what are the main factors to consider? Some of the most critical considerations include:

    • Vanity unit size requirements. Dimensions of the unit should complement the surrounding washroom, whether enhancing smaller spaces or utilising larger washrooms.
    • Materials. Your material choice should be made based on project specifications such as: performance, environment, users, aesthetics, and budget.
    • Wall strength and mounting types. Wall-hung and cantilever vanities require a strong wall to hold them, while freestanding vanities do not require a wall.
    • Plumbing considerations. Consider existing plumbing layouts and whether your vanity unit must conceal pipework using panelling.
    • Hand washing facilities. All vanity units can be installed with Dyson Airblade taps, which combine a water tap and a hand dryer in one compact unit. These additional accessories promote hygiene and include integrated soap dispensers, minimising contact with handwashing facilities.

    More on this topic can be found in our article on factors to consider when choosing a vanity unit.

    There’s a vast range of vanity unit styles and materials to choose from to create a vanity unit which works for your commercial washroom in all ways.

    Combine hygienic hand washing facilities with essential storage compartments, all the while maintaining stunning design aesthetics. For more help in selecting the most suitable vanity unit for your washroom, Excelsior is here to support you. Get in touch with us today.


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