Newport 6th Form School Washrooms

Case Study

Project Summary:

New two storey Sixth Form facility to house teaching, exhibition and social learning spaces.

The facility is intended for use by the school and the local community & hoped to be a hive for activity in the local area.

Newport 6th Form

Client Information:

Newport 6th Form School

A M Griffiths

Lucas Architects


Completion Date:
April 2018

The Challenge

Propose and deliver a system suitable for a heavy use environment whilst also offering a commercial style space expected by the wider public.

Durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance are key drivers in the decision process as these areas will be used for extended periods and by a diverse sector.

The washrooms are likely be used by all visitors and it is paramount that the facilities compliment the building and impress the user.

The Solution

Excelsior Flush 30 Cubicles with Stainless Steel Ironmongery create an opulent seamless wall within the washroom space

Solid Surface bespoke vanity troughs with full height mirrors above open up the space and add a commercial fit out touch.

Wall panelling has been included to completement the systems and enclose the WC working mechanisms whilst providing ease of access to the onsite maintenance teams.

The project was managed by the contracts team at excelsior and delivered to an extremely high standard by our trusted team of fitters.

Flush 30 Toilet Cubicles


Product Range: Flush 30 Cubicle
Doors: High Pressure Laminate PUR bonded onto 28mm MR Core, Formica F7912 Storm
Pilaster: High Pressure Laminate PUR bonded onto 28mm MR Core, Formica F7912 Storm
Partition: High Pressure Laminate PUR bonded onto 18mm MR Core, Formica F7912 Storm
Ironmongery: Stainless Steel

Mariner Duct Panelling


Product Range: Mariner Range Duct Panelling
Panels: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Formica Lime F4177
Flash Gaps: 18mm MR Core, Formica Lime F4177
Sub Frame: 18mm MR MDF
Sole Plate: 25mm WBP PLY

Magma Trough Vanity TR/SL2


Product Range: Magma Trough Vanity TR/SL2
Top: 13mm Solid Surface Hanex S-006 Grey
Panels: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate, Formica F7912 Storm
Flash Gaps: 12mm Compact Density Fibreboard, Formica F7912 Storm
Worktop Sub Frame: Zinc Plated and Powder coat finished 38 x 38mm Steel Box section Cantilevered Frame Supports
Sub Frame: 18mm MR MDF

Available Finishes:


These Systems Are Available In The Following Finishes:

  • High Pressure Laminate
  • High Gloss Laminate

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