Bathroom Maintenance: Keeping Your Cubicles in Top Condition


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    Maintaining a clean and well-functioning bathroom is crucial for providing a positive experience for any commercial building.

    This is especially important for environments that are warm and damp, such as leisure centres, which accelerate the rate at which bacteria and fungi build up.

    Here, Excelsior provides a comprehensive guide on the proper maintenance of commercial bathrooms in order to maximise the longevity and integrity of your washroom. Whether maintaining an Excelsior washroom, or any other, we reveal maintenance practices that create a pleasant and hygienic environment to enhance the overall experience for visitors and employees.

    The Requirements for a Well-Maintained Bathroom

    The Health and Safety Executive outlines the requirements for a well-maintained bathroom. This includes having a well-lit facility, ensuring people can safely use the facilities, and good ventilation for proper airflow through the washroom, helping reduce dampness, germs, and any odours.

    Other essentials outlined by the HSE include:

    • A sufficient number of toilets and basins for the number of people using the facilities.
    • A full supply of toilet paper and accessible sanitary waste disposal bins.
    • Hand drying facilities for proper hygiene.
    • Plenty of soap and sanitiser must be available.

    It is also essential that a regular cleaning schedule is implemented to reduce bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be spread in a washroom.

    The Benefits of a Well-Maintained Commercial Bathroom

    By keeping commercial cubicles well-maintained, users have peace of mind regarding inclusivity and privacy, and washrooms are better protected against moisture damage. Overall, this contributes to the durability and longevity of the system.

    A well-maintained washroom encourages privacy and inclusivity by ensuring that washroom users are protected with properly functioning and locked cubicles, discouraging anti-social behaviour; on the same note, well-maintained washrooms will undergo the removal of any graffiti which may be offensive to users.

    Bathroom maintenance is further crucial for preventing the build-up of mould or mildew, which can be harmful to both the structure and the health of those using the facilities. Similarly, regular maintenance can help prevent prolonged exposure to moisture, which can lead to panel swelling and other forms of damage.

    Choosing the Right Cubicle Materials

    Selecting the right cubicle materials is key to improving the durability of your washrooms and ensuring maintenance tasks are kept to a minimum.  

    When outfitting your space, cubicle materials that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture and bacteria are key. Different materials may be used for different parts of the washroom; for instance, shower cubicles require water-resistant materials, whereas dry changing rooms will not. Particularly for commercial washrooms, materials should be able to withstand the demands of a high-traffic environment.

    Other factors to consider, include the sustainability of the material, which can help you to meet the environmental goals of your project or organisation.

    Excelsior can advise on the most appropriate material for your project requirements. We offer a range of materials to suit a variety of needs, aesthetics, and budgets. Our range of materials include:

    • Melamine-Faced Chipboard. MFC is a budget-friendly option, suitable for use in dry environments with a low risk of vandalism, such as office bathrooms.
    • High Pressure Laminate. HPL offers greater protection against vandalism, including heat, scratch and impact resistance. We recommend this material for retail environments.
    • Solid Grade Laminate. SGL is our most durable material, being impervious to water penetration and extremely resistant to impact; SGL is appropriate for schools, leisure centre washrooms, and shower cubicles.

    Commercial Cubicle Maintenance Tips

    From regular cleaning to quality inspections, Excelsior’s maintenance tips are designed to keep your washrooms in top condition for the safety and comfort of users, as well as time- and cost-efficiency of your system.

    Checking Hinges, Latches and Locks

    Regularly inspecting ironmongery such as hinges, latches, and locks is crucial to ensure the durability and security of your cubicles. Loose or broken hinges can put strain on the door, leading to further potential damage and downtime of the cubicle.

    In moist environments such as leisure centres, hinges are more prone to rust, so regular checks are essential.

    Cubicles and Wall Panels

    Additionally, damaged or vandalised cubicle and wall panels should be replaced promptly to maintain the overall appearance and functionality of the bathroom.

    Swollen or water-damaged panels can indicate a larger issue and may require a different material or solution for long-term maintenance. Excelsior recommends Solid Grade Laminate as the most appropriate material for wet and damp areas.

    Taps and Vanity Units

    Taps and vanity units should also be inspected for damage, including leaks, cracks, chips and more.

    An incredible amount of water can be wasted with damaged taps and plumbing issues, so ensuring your taps and vanity units are in good condition is paramount. Consider whether your water system is as efficient as it could be to conserve water and prevent accidents such as overflowing sinks.

    Have You Tried? Dyson Airblade taps. These automatic taps are designed to reduce the amount of water used, while minimising the user’s contact with the tap, creating a great low-maintenance solution to handwashing.

    To ensure you’re provided with the right materials and washroom facilities for your requirements and maintenance expectations, Excelsior offers a wide range of vanity units and accessories.

    Our vanity units can be provided in a range of materials and designs:

    • Laminate. A choice of Solid Grade or High Pressure Laminate.
    • Solid Surface. A winning combination of resin and natural minerals for a soft surface finish.
    • Quartz. Durable and low-maintenance quartz, made from 90% natural quartz.
    • Granite. Mined from 100% pure, natural stone for increased aestheticism.
    • Stainless Steel. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel for hygienic applications.
    • Trough Vanities. Featuring a trough sink design.

    Vanity units are complete with exposed or hidden plumbing work, and are available with cupboard units with hinged and accessible doors. Hidden plumbing is achieved through duct panelling and is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can reduce the amount of maintenance required by protecting the plumbing work against unauthorised handling.

    Excelsior further provides a full set of accessories with which to finish your washroom. Accessories include: paper towel dispensers, toilet roll holders and paper dispensers, soap dispensers, waste and sanitary bins, recessed products, grab rails and handles, and baby changing stations.

    Our accessories are provided in consideration of the requirements and specifications of your washroom, ensuring durability, functionality, and accessibility for all are maintained.

    Cleaning Maintenance

    Cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks for the integrity of your washroom. A frequent cleaning schedule and prompt cleaning of any spills or marks will help prolong the lifespan and appearance of washrooms.

    Using the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques for different materials like High Pressure Laminate, Solid Grade Laminate, and Melamine-Faced Chipboard, will maintain the condition of your washroom materials for longer.

    For HPL and SGL surfaces, a standard anti-bacterial solution paired with a sponge or cloth should suffice for regular cleaning. Stubborn marks can be tackled with a diluted bathroom cleaner.

    Graffiti, paint, or grease may require a solvent-based cleaner like acetone or cellulose spirit, for which it is advised that you closely follow manufacturer instructions while using.

    It’s important to note that when cleaning MFC and HPL, you should avoid flooding the surface, especially near seams and edging strips to prevent the substrate swelling, since these materials are not impervious to water.

    Excelsior can provide detailed guidance on maintaining your washroom, based upon the materials you use.

    General Maintenance

    Other general maintenance tasks include the inspection of cubicle hardware, which can be assessed every few months, depending on usage.

    This should involve the lubrication of hinges and locks, supporting the longevity and functionality of washroom facilities, as well as a smooth and quiet operation and the prevention of security breaches.

    Fixings and safety mechanisms should also be inspected and adjusted as required to prevent further damage to the washroom and cubicle structure and promote the safety of users. General maintenance additionally includes everyday tasks such as keeping supplies topped up, including toilet paper, sanitiser, and hand soap.

    Maintaining washroom facilities is crucial for ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for visitors, as well as creating a positive image of your building.

    While bathroom maintenance tasks are largely similar across commercial washrooms, it's important to tailor tasks to the requirements of your materials and usage. By choosing the right cubicle materials and implementing regular cleaning and general maintenance, you can keep the bathroom looking fresh and inviting.

    For help choosing the right cubicle systems for your project, get in touch with Excelsior today. Our expert team is on hand to help you choose a durable solution designed to last, whatever its intended application.


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